Monday, 14 June 2010


I just had one of those cold hand clutching at my heart moments. What on earth did I do with my camera cord when I moved? I searched while I trolled through my ever diminishing memory banks, where did I put all my cords and the like? That's right, I carefully put them in the draw of that little table where my digi frame sits, there they all go. Thank goodness for that!

It's been a great weekend and that's why I need to cord. A weekend of catching up with very good friends and playing tour guide in Dubai and Al Ain. Well not getting lost in Dubai while showing the sights at any rate. Sue and Becs came over from Melbourne and Wellington on route to the UK to stay for the weekend. Brosey (also Sue) came in from the far flung desert to join us, driving the 3 hours or so in searing heat.

It was funny catching up with old friends in this place rather than ones I've only known a comparatively short time. It's a different and more comfortable dynamic somehow, a relaxed and easy time together. It was like no time at all had passed between visits. I find it's like that with my very best friends. My house feels empty now they've gone.

We went sightseeing and I got some pics, good ones I hope. My camera's been quiet lately, it was lovely to get out and about and be able to get some shots. The one I've included here are of the two Sue's working the shot.


Elettra said...

Hi Jule, great photos, many compliments

Jule's Short Story said...

Hi Elettra.

Thanks for your comment. I'm pleased you like the photos. The palace is such a great place to photograph, wonderful light and especially good to share with such very good friends.

Jules :)