Friday, 18 June 2010

Some more

More to add to the you know it's hot when list:
Your lipsticks melt in your handbag and bend over backwards when you try to apply them
The metal buckle on your shoes burns your feet
The water's too hot to have a shower after 9am, and the water heater's turned off
Your makeup falls off your face when you make the effort to look beautiful
The fallen makeup stains your new top
The water's too hot to wash said new top without it shrinking
People park as close to the mall door as they can get, cruising to find a good park
Going to the movies in the afternoon is a good use of the day

But I must say the heat is lovely, it warms me to the core and I'm not really looking forward to the bone numbing cold of New Zealand. It's only 20 more sleeps and I'm on a plane, I can't wait to see my family. Others are sharing their destinations and they are many and varied, lots of planning and of course that's half the fun.

I've got some new neighbours, Heather and her family. Her daughters are so cute, the almost 4 year old looked really surprised to see me at the Rotana when they came for a swim. As we walked out to the pool, she stopped still on the grass and looked towards the sky, looked around with a puzzled look on her face.

She said, "there's that man from the sky talking again". Yep the call to prayer made sense of by an almost 4 year old. I've gotten used to the calls, they do seem to come from the sky as they echo around without an obvious source.

Today's a quiet Friday after a night out watching people watching soccer, opps I stand corrected football. I struggle to understand the fascination of a game that may or may not have a score at the end, although the France Mexico game had a 2-0 score. The people wearing the French shirts were quiet, others were jubilant. I was able to make comment about the New Zealand teams progress, they did score. For the first time in their history at the world cup, no wonder there was such a fuss.

So today is a quiet one relaxing at home after having lunch out and a wander around a mall, time for a snooze. Time to finish the book I'm reading so I can move on to the one I bought today, a new de Bernieres. And that is the best thing to do in mid 40s heat.

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