Sunday, 6 June 2010

Feeling much better thanks!

Well that's done and dusted, no more spots and I feel so much better. In fact I didn't realise just how bad I had been feeling until I got my old energy back on Friday. I'd lost it again by Saturday, but that's another story. It's funny how illness sneaks up and hits me, I seem to miss the warning signs that might keep others from venturing out and about. All I can say is that a weeks enforced resting was just what the doctor ordered, well it was literally what the doctor ordered.

I managed to waste the time very productively, resting is hard work for me. I got my new place a little more organised, thankfully as Sue arrives from Melbourne on Thursday, can't wait to have a good catch up with her. I didn't write much because my concentration levels were very low, the time just flew really.

My first day back today and I got asked all sorts of questions, including "are you still catchy". Well, no. If I was I'd still be lounging around at home, sigh. So this week I'm spending catching up on last weeks work alongside this weeks. At least I have the energy for it although one of my lovely colleagues told me today that I looked a little tired. She redeemed herself by saying immediately after, before I could say something in response, that I also looked like I'd lost weight.

Actually, now I've got my appetite back I'm eating everything in sight so that won't last long. Having no appetite has it's upsides but it always catches up on me in the end, I do so love food. Only five more weeks, minus one day, until I go back to NZ for my holidays, I can't wait. I know it's approaching fast because I'm nearly out of marmite. My careful plan of bringing enough with me for the duration has worked well, I opened jar number six, the last jar, today.

I"m very much looking forward to seeing Noah, looking forward to holding him and smelling his baby smell, to making him smile and being a real grandma for a while. There will be photos, I promise. Sam won't be there, Tim and Sarah will be. It's going to be great to get my family fix, I'm really ready for it. I'll also enjoy drinking good coffee and a nice Otago red or two and eating out. I may also enjoy the cool crispness of a Christchurch winter, yeah right.

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