Friday, 14 May 2010

To do....

The weekend's rolled around again, my how the weeks seem to fly here. I've got a huge to do list, most things didn't get done this week so must over the weekend or early next week. Important things like booking my ticket home for the summer break. I can't wait to meet Noah, to get some family time so booking the ticket is critical for that.

I'm hoping to get a magical ticket, one that will take me home and back via Australia then on to Europe, to Belgium to see Di and to Italy for a holiday. For that I have to go to the airlines office and that's a little tricky to find here in Al Ain. I'm sure there is such a ticket, I'm sure it won't cost me a fortune.

Also on the to do list is a trip to the bank to sort my finances and a trip to the rugby club to book my dive course. Then there's getting ready to move into Kate's place, taking her to the airport and catching up with Sarah. She brought some pineapple lumps for me from her recent trip to NZ, can't wait to see her!

We had Kate's farewell tonight. I got to make the Margaritas, we had a lovely evening saying our goodbyes. We bought her a gift, an antique Omani necklace framed beautifully. I'm sad Kate's going. I've really enjoyed her friendship and although I'll see her in July, this place won't be the same about that kiwi girl. So it's off to bed for me now, an early night for a Thursday.

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