Friday, 28 May 2010


Sam passed away on 23 May 2010. He was 12 years old and will be sadly missed by all who loved him. And to know Sam was to love him. I have never met a better natured dog, a dog who had a strong sense of belonging to the people who loved him. He lived across three houses and knew the rules at each, although he wasn't adverse to bending them if he was miffed at us. For example if we went out and left him on his own he'd sleep on the couch.

We tried to talk Tim out of getting a dog, he was at an age where I suspected we might be left holding the puppy. How wrong I was, Tim and Sarah were the very best masters a dog could hope for. I remember the day we picked him up, such a cute, sleepy little bundle of fur. Sam was raised around people. On the coast in the service station he slept in the office and wandered out amongst the cars, not so good for a pale pup. He learnt to live with the ginger cat, sleeping on a chair with him on occasion.

When he moved to Christchurch he loved to walk around Hagley Park, to go to the beach and to go up to Victoria Park. When Tim and Sarah traveled, he was shared between his coast home and his other Christchurch home. I so enjoyed having his company, having him there to force me out for a walk. He was stubborn to walk, if he didn't want to go somewhere there was no making him. If I took him out and it was too cold or a little wet, he would look at me as if to say, you must be out of your mind and turn back up the steps to the fire.

When I saw him on Skype last weekend, little did I know that it would be for the last time. He always greeted me happily when I returned home, I won't have a wet nose in my face this trip. RIP Sam, you'll be sorely missed by us all.

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