Friday, 7 May 2010

Out cruising

Don't you hate it when you have such a good book that you resent not being somewhere on your own reading. Well unfortunately I took the final in the Millennium series by Stieg Larsson on the dhow with me. I was almost finished it so decided to lay about reading, Lesley tells me she has a photo of this. I really enjoyed all the books in the series, it's a shame there won't be more. Lisbeth Salander is an unconventional heroine, I found her story riveting.

Actually so riveting that I didn't take many photos of our trip. I have been there before but that's no excuse. I did get some good ones of a friend's son who was enjoying himself immensely as children do when out cruising. He jumped from the top of the dhow, amazing courage for such a young lad.

Another reason for so few photos is that I had a slight case of camera envy. Corneil had just brought her new Nikon, what a camera. I had a small play and really, really want one...... I don't need one of course, mine takes good photos. I got some shots of her jumping from the top of the dhow, apparently the ones she took of me doing the same are nasty. I really wanted to update my Facebook photo, won't be with a photo of me in my new bikini. Rita had a small waterproof camera, that's on my list to take next trip.

I spent heaps of time in the water and yes, I got sunburnt in the same way as last time. Only this time it wasn't as bad as I did put on sunscreen. I love snorkeling amongst the reef fish. This time there were less fish and the coral reef looked to be more silted up. The sea was rough initially and as the day progressed, the sea calmed and the tide dropped making the snorkeling much more interesting.

I made a comment to others about the noises the fish make when they talk to each other, yes I got ridiculed. But my observation is true apparently. The noises are the fish grinding the coral and the pips and squeaks are them feeding. I prefer my theory that they're talking to each other. I suspect they might have been saying, "another bloody tourist, where's a good shark when you need one?"

The photos are of the dhow next to us in the bay and the dhows in the harbour when we returned sunbaked and relaxed, and ready for the drive home.

Oh forgot to add, on the way home Kate, Corneil, Mary-Anne and I stopped for a meal at a small diner. It was across a busy road from where we'd parked. As we waited for a break in the traffic, the big 4 WDs stopped and the smiling faces of the local male drivers beamed out at us as they waved us across the road. This happened on both sides of the dual carriage way, 4 lanes of traffic stopped for the 4, by now giggling, ladies trying to cross. Our waves and smiles and thank yous caused more havoc, it just goes to show that you're never too old to stop traffic!

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