Saturday, 29 May 2010


You know it's hot when it's still 40C at 11pm. You know it's hot when its dropped to a sweltering 38C by 3am. By comparison the fact it's 32C now is a blessing. It's so much hotter in my new apartment, I get to watch the sun rise and somehow it keeps the heat of the day. People have been surprised at my power bills here, that they are low because I didn't often use aircon.

I can't sleep with the noise of the aircon so use the kitchen unit to cool my room. Last night that wasn't enough and I resorted to turning my bedroom one on for a while. There was a big blow last night, due to the heat stirring up the desert, and it kept me awake. The noises are so different upstairs. This morning the kitchen and bathrooms have sand dunes in them, lucky I hadn't cleaned yesterday.

I hope to get out to take photos this afternoon, out towards the Saudi border on the truck road. On the map there's some small settlements, on the map it looks so close to get to Liwa where Sue lives. In reality, the desert is impassable and I have to drive via Abu Dhabi. I still haven't made the journey to Liwa, too much on these past few weekends.

So I suspect today will be much like yesterday, hot, dry and dusty. A mostly inside day, a day to catch up on the rest of my packing, getting my car serviced and generally chilling.

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