Friday, 21 May 2010


It just hit 40C outside, yep very, very hot. I suspect that the expected high of 45 will be exceeded today, luckily I've got an inside day planned. I'm packing up all my bits and pieces for the move upstairs. I can't wait to be in a bigger place, a more open light and airy place. The best thing is that the people before Kate had a fire and burnt their old uncomfortable couch, one the same as my current one. That meant that Kate got a new couch and chairs, a couch perfect for laying on to watch TV. Well in my case to lay on and watch the computer. Others have tried to steal this comfy couch, no deal!

The rooms are bigger, the bedrooms in particular. I'll be able to have my bed out from the wall so making it will be so much easier. I'll also be able to set up an office in the spare room so I'll be able to free up my dining table for dining. Sue's coming to stay soon so can't wait to see her then it's home for me for a few weeks. I'm hanging out to see Noah and the kids, not hanging out to be in the depths of winter. It will be such a change from the oppressive heat here and a change is as good as a holiday so they say.

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