Wednesday, 7 April 2010

Oh boy, what a day!

You know how things just happen, not out of bad intentions but out of the very best of intentions. Today I had to be on my best behaviour and the problem with that is that I struggle at times to do the expected things. I've been like that since I was a child I suspect from the recovered memories I've had throughout my adult life, the ones that make a grown up cringe. Today was no exception. I don't usually talk about work but will depart from that for this entry. It just needs to be shared.

We had some very special visitors in our school today, ones we had prepared for for a while, ones who will write a report that may well decide the future of my employment. It was all going well until 7am, yep barely arrived and it turned to a small but telling drama. My wee faux pax this morning, it was actually a bit before 7am so I can be forgiven, surely.

I was setting up a slide show for the visitors, the VIPs, with the librarian and could hear this impossibly loud music outside. Very bad loud music. I could barely hear my lovely librarian when she showed the me the volume control on her slide show, yep blaming others, very sad. I asked her who was making such an awful racket outside, she looked at me quizzically. I thought it may be the slight language barrier, given my lack of Arabic.

Of course it was me, broadcasting on loud speakers through the school wide intercom. The VIPs decided to arrive in the midst of this, one colleague looked at me as if she'd swallowed a frog, uncooked of course (read she looked extremely surprised, showing she doesn't know me that well). The other had a smile and pointed out that it was time to turn the music off because our visitors had arrived, all said using my name in the patient way adults use with very young and miscreant children.

At that point I realised the noise was me, oh no what to to do! I muted the racket, it really was an appallingly loud racket, and greeted the visitors with a broad smile saying I was the schools IT expert. Sheepishly with a "can you please forgive me and forget I did that" look on my face. We all had a laugh and I went on to redeem myself by responding to an interactive whiteboard emergency.

I called one of our IT experts (a real one apparently) and all 5'7" (if that) of him proceeded to tell me to get a very tall chair, hooting with laughter down the phone. OK so I'm on the shorter side of willowy, I'd look silly tall with my frame so I took the ribbing like the gracious lady I am. All was fixed with me on a table and the teacher giving me feedback, she was very grateful.

Suffice to say, I did redeem myself with my high levels of nodding and agreeing and horsing around in the playground with the kids at break time. I was slightly exhausted by the end of the day and one of my favourite kids gave me a much needed hug obviously sensing my need for one. She may also have been sensing a kindred spirit, she's a wickedly miscreant child herself and may expect favours tomorrow. I'm so onto her.

I decided to head to the gym and pool for some R & R and guess who was there, yep the VIPs are staying at my local. On the walking machine beside me, laying on the deck chairs by the pool, swimming in the same slightly too warm water. And that was very OK. It gave me a chance to engage in lovely conversations with two very personable women and I love a bit of a chat. What tomorrow will bring I can only guess, it's the second day of their visit. I suspect I'll need a wee sip of something strong in the evening.

YouTube time, offsets all the boring writing. I was looking for some accommodation in southern Italy for my August break and this tune was the background music for an accommodation blog. I found the clip on good old YouTube and have included it here. Katie Melua has a special voice, hearing her singing Somewhere Over the Rainbow as a duet with the long deceased Eva Cassidy brought tears to my eyes, amazing the technology that makes that happen. This one's a little less emotional. Enjoy and think of me tomorrow. What can I do to top that one? I'll keep you posted.

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