Saturday, 24 April 2010

Lazy me

I'm procrastinating. I'm good at that, I could even call myself an expert. I've got work to do, grocery shopping to do, phone calls to make, emails to write. The issue is I just don't feel like doing any of it. So here I am uploading my photos and playing with them after spending time reading a very good book. I'm feeling uncharacteristically lazy.

That could be because it's 40c+ outside, could be that I've had an excellent weekend and I've got that Sunday afternoon feeling. Well, here it's a Saturday afternoon feeling. Womad in Abu Dhabi was more upbeat than in Al Ain. The beach and corniche were packed with people. The two stages meant that people circulated. It was hot and very sticky, fun to share with friends.

We sat on the sand and enjoyed the Persian drummers as well as Abri and others. The photo is of Abri performing in Al Ain. The skill of the drummers was amazing, I'll have a look on YouTube to see if I can add a clip here soon. For now enjoy these photos, two of the few that worked from Thursday night.

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