Friday, 2 April 2010


Well, I didn't get to Egypt. The days of mourning were called but not for schools, go figure. It was business as usual. If I had of gone I would have missed out on many things including one of my double adaptors not adapting to having two plugs and bursting into flames spectacularly in my kitchen. The explosion blew all the fuses including the one that keeps the fridge cold. Luckily I know from past experiences how to reset such things or I might have had to drink warm tonic this evening.

I also got to battle with large 4wds for my share of the road on the way to Dubai. Reminder to self, don't book appointments in Dubai for a Thursday afternoon. The traffic was horrendous both to and from Dubai and in Dubai itself. I met Christine and her son for dinner, a welcome distraction sitting in a posh hotel engaging in some fine dining. I suspect I should have stayed in Dubai the night but as Sarah's in New Zealand I decided driving home was a good idea. On what level I made that decision is beyond me, it was not such a wise one.

I do like Dubai, it's one of those places that grows on you. I excelled myself in the getting lost stakes this time. I managed to get to my appointment, then to the Mall of the Emirates (the ski slope one), then to the Costa's Coffee overlooking the ski slope to meet Christine. I'd been there once before but was still pleased that a) my parking genie worked and b) I got there with no false turns from a different direction than before. We had a lovely meal, I found Borders and Virgin Megastore and bought books. Luxury to browse and find two to buy.

Then the lost thing began, it's the east west thing. I get north and south in this hemisphere now, but when the sign gives the choice east or west I'm stuck. I followed what I did last time I left the mall. The road I was meant to be on was in sight, it took me a while to wend my way there via internet city, I know where that is now. I finally got there after a few false turns and headed home. The good thing is that I knew how to get myself unlost and I didn't panic, just kept backtracking until I found the mall again, and turned the other way, the correct way.

I think this is how life works. Sometimes we get lost, we have to backtrack to find out where we got lost then forge ourselves a new path. A path that feels right. We can help ourselves do this by becoming self aware, knowing ourselves well enough to know how to interpret our road maps. Making choices and knowing intuitively when these are working. Having the courage to take the steps we must to move forward.

The photo is of the ski slope, taken through a thick and dirty window hence the distortions. It's amazing to look through the window and see a whole other world, a bit like Alice.

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