Friday, 23 April 2010

A Child's Christmas in Wales

I was looking on Youtube and a conversation I was having last night at the Rotana came back to me. We were talking about poetry, in particular Dylan Thomas' poetry. A Child's Christmas in Wales came to me from my English teacher in 1976. Barry Metcalf was a published author and one of the few people who really encouraged me in my writing, encouraged me and had faith in me. He gave me a record (a round black vinyl thing that plays sound when used with a record player) of the poem read by Richard Burton.

I loved it and was hooked on Dylan Thomas' work from that time on. I found these readings, not Richard Burton but still showing the wonderful prose that Thomas is famous for. That Bob Dylan took his name from him is further cause for me to like his work. I can remember sitting in my small bedroom in the Coromandel listening over and over to this wonderful story. I used to know it almost by heart. I was surprised to find it on Youtube.
It's been that sort of morning, a chill out one. I finished reading my book, I'm getting ready to go to Abu Dhabi to catch some of the Womad acts. Rau and I went to Womad here in Al Ain last night at Al Jahili Fort but we were too tired to enjoy it much, that's what happens on a Thursday. I took photos so will add some here soon.


Liminal Spaces Flanders Fields -kindly supported by the City of Mesen said...

Getting ready to pop over and visit this cousin of yours? Hope so. Worked all day ... well, till now and I'm out of words. Thought I might pick the Belgian bloke after work and take him to The Highlander, the Scottish with scones here in the city. Well ... scones on Saturdays.

Jule's Short Story said...

Sounds excellent. I'm in AD about to go out to dinner with friends then catch some Womad acts. Should be fun, nice to be in a city again.