Monday, 29 March 2010

Sleep, need sleep....

Don't you hate when you can't sleep. When the thoughts tossing around in your head chase way the possibility of dreaming. This hasn't happened much to me lately but tonight thoughts are tumbling and just as I think i've got one lot sorted out another possibility breaks my peace.

I decided to get up and do some surfing to help me settle, to take my mind off things. It hasn't worked so far, just stimulated my brain a bit more. I've been checking out laser surgery for my eyes, to get rid of my fragile glasses and have perfect sight again. Everyone I know who's had this done raves over the results. I tried my contacts again for bowling, funny to be able to see into the distance but not be able to read my texts. Better than having my glasses join the ball down the alley as I follow through on a bowl I suppose.

Surfing the side effects and pros and cons of this hasn't helped me sleep, just got me excited and a little worried. I'm going to have a consultation in Dubai in a couple of weeks then make up my mind. I've also been thinking about my friends who have left recently, wondering how they are settling into their home places. Anne is back in New Zealand and I must email her some goss. I owe others emails too.

Tonight I went to Amal's baby shower and enjoyed a cuddle with Zachariah who is only a few days younger than Noah. It was strange to get a grandmother fix with another's child. He is very cute and gave me more of an idea of how big Noah really is. Skype is good, but not like the real thing, not like holding my lovely grandson in my arms. I ate too much at Amal's. Chocolates, cake and Deidre's famous brownies washed with some tea that reminded me of Turkish chai. Lots of stimulating conversations too, no wonder I can't sleep.

Not sleeping would be OK if my alarm didn't go off at 6 and I didn't have to paste a smile on my not a morning person face and head to work. Works another cause for thoughts chasing around. We've got monitoring agency visits and people are wired. I'm used to these visits from past jobs so I'm not bothered. I need to project my calm onto others who are, to do that I need sleep. Chamomile tea finished, I'm off to have another go. Night night, sweet dreams to all you others out there stacking zzzs.

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