Monday, 15 March 2010


Music has always been a big part of my life, different music, different genre from rock to opera and everything in between. I enjoy having people in my life who love music, people who say yes when I ask them if they know a particular piece of music. My son Nick is one of those people. We share our music, my ipod has his collection and he has many of my records, my old records.

I remember a time when he played a new song for me. Nirvana, The Man Who Sold the World. He was quite young at the time, pre teen. He looked in amazement as I sang the words to this new song, astonishment when I produced the Bowie record with the same song from the beer crate containing my records. Since then we have enjoyed sharing our music. How else would I know about the Decemberists and Darcy Clay, Eight and My Morning Jacket?

One of my pleasures in life is searching YouTube for music. Music that's obscure, old, different. I do this instead of watching TV, I don't have one of those and certainly don't feel the need for one. Tonight I have found the clip of Pavarotti and Steven Gately sing No Matter What and Miss Sarajevo with U2. It's best when you do it with someone else, better over a red or several.

It's amazing what can be found on YouTube, people you know, yourself after the Kate posted our Nepal clip. Vids to music you know but didn't quite understand, music with lyrics that make you cry. The clip I've added is one I really love. It's such a loss that this young man is no longer with us, his music will always remain. This one's for Sarah, a big Pavarotti fan.

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