Saturday, 27 March 2010

Bowling fun

I found myself free this weekend after a trip to Dubai fell through, no good having a farewell without the guest of honour. Friends to the rescue, did I want to join their bowling team for the afternoon. Morning spent talking to family then off to Abu Dhabi. The one and only (by the way that was the name of the team I joined and it's a great film) time I had been bowling I had surprised myself. I scored over 100 in my second game, second game ever.

Bowling, 10 pin that is, is not a common sport in New Zealand. Bowling as in lawn bowls is. In fact we have won medals and world championships in this sedate while challenging sport. Today I did appallingly in my first game, too many gutter balls to get a decent score. Then my competitive nature crept in. I got some strikes and the thing that's a strike but with the second ball so I managed a 119 in the second game, much to Phil's surprise (read horror).

You see Phil like, other Englishmen I know, enjoy taking the mickey about my New Zealand accent. Which of course doesn't exist because we don't have an accent. On the other hand the English do, a variety of accents which show where in England they come from, right down to which part of London they hail from. Usually it's my yissses and thnk yous that get me into trouble, a lack of vowels apparently. Today it was something to do with bowling and of course because the English invented the game they must be right, yeah right. So whatever the thing was that Phil said and I couldn't, I got a couple of those. They're good things to have apparently.

Seeing my boss dressed in a pink tutu with purple hair and a pink t shirt was a highlight. That the women in his team were dressed the same including a pink tie and a bow in the hair made my day, cheered me up no end. They of course got the prize for the best dress, it's going into the dinner on Wednesday night fund for us all to enjoy. So it was a good day out. Now I'm sitting at home relaxing with a tipple and ready to watch a movie. An early night's in order I suspect, I have some sleep to catch up on after some hectic weeks.

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