Tuesday, 9 February 2010

Quietly does it

Nick came down from Auckland for the weekend. It was wonderful to have two of my sons together again, just missed having the youngest there too. When kids get older and have their own lives getting together requires more planning than I managed to put in for this trip. As usual our family gatherings revolved around food. Nick cooked the bbq, breakfast out and coffee excursions along with the usual banter and one-up-man-ship the lads engage in.

Sarah's looking ready to have her baby, Tim's impatient to be a dad and I can't wait for them to have this most lovely of experiences. I'll have to meet my new grandchild virtually and then be properly introduced when I'm back in July. As Kez said, at least then you'll be able to do things with the baby by then. Yes, that's true. I'm looking forward to being a gran, not sure how I'll go being a long distance one.

It's been good having a holiday, complete with sleep ins and catching up with friends. I'm feeling a little lazy, regrouping for the trip home on Friday. The very long trip, then work on Sunday. It's the long semester, the one with no breaks until the end of the school year in mid July. Then 6 weeks of glorious holiday, that's me planning my next holiday while still on this one.

I'm looking forward to hearing the travel stories of others. Hearing and seeing the photos from Egypt, Jordan, Turkey and the other exotic locations my UAE friends have visited. For now I best get moving. Without a car I'm having to walk where I'm going, not always the best option but I'm getting fit and enjoying being out and about, people watching as I wander and enjoying the summer weather. Even if I did wear my coat yesterday.

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