Monday, 1 March 2010

It's quiet here

I've been getting feedback about my quiet blog. Truth is it's quiet here. Between working and catching up with friends, sharing holiday stories, I've not really been out and about. I have learnt how to make really good Margaritas, that I do really like GnT's and that the Pims I used to sneak as a teenager is delish when mixed properly. So it's been a social time, a time when the photos have not really been publishable.

Next weekend I hope to get to Dubai to see Sting in concert, if I can get the tickets that is. The following weekend I've got Sue coming over from Liwa, brushing off the sand and coming to a concert at Al Jahili Fort, can't wait. I'm also waiting for my grandchild to arrive, not long now I hope.

We had a stormy weekend, one best spent laying on the couch with a good book. The wind whipped across the dunes picking up the fine sand and distributing it everywhere. I'm always amazed how the sand gets in and coats everything in a fine dusty layer. This is a sure sign that things are heating up here. The winds blow as the desert heats up. One of the teachers was telling me that the wind comes at this time of year so the date flowers get pollinated, no wind means a low crop. Sounds sensible to me.

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