Sunday, 14 February 2010

Back in Al Ain

And enjoying being back except for the brain numbing effected of jet lag hanging around and having to work today. I hit the wall yesterday about mid afternoon and managed to hang on until early evening before collapsing into bed. In my sorry state I phoned my phone provider to demand they fix my phone. It wasn't working you see.

Unfortunately it wasn't the person I spoke to who was stupid, it was me. I had gone to the provider to renew my phone contract before going to NZ. I thought that the people at the company would know what I needed, not so. It seems I paid for a new thingy that goes in the phone not a new thingy that renews my contract. Mmmm maybe it was my fault for assuming that from my poor explanation the men would know what I wanted or in this case needed.

Anyhow, all's well that ends well. I apologised to the lady I was rude to, after we had talked at cross purposes then worked out that the men at the phone company had given me the wrong thing. She gave me the instructions and hey presto my phone worked again. Actually her instructions worked too well. I wasn't sure it worked the first time so repeated the exercise. I now don't have to worry about renewing my contract for the next two years and am 100dhs lighter in the pocket.

The moral of the story, don't do things that require any sort of technical brain, any sort of brain at all when jet lagged. I'm hoping to get another good sleep tonight so maybe I'll be a little more functional tomorrow.


Liminal Spaces Flanders Fields -kindly supported by the City of Mesen said...

Trust me, I didn't even realise you were back and was thinking rather enviously of you, back home in NZ, yesterday ...

The exhibition opened last Friday and Monday was the first day, since starting the Berlin project, where I felt like I had nothing urgent to do. My mind seems to be settling down and now I find that you back over my way. Okay :-) Nice catching up on your news. x

Jule's Short Story said...

Yep, I'm back complete with pineapple lumps. Honestly, they've caused a stir here. Everyone wants more :)

Fantastic to have a day like that, mine should be tomorrow. Still awaiting the arrival, hope to meet my grand very soon.