Sunday, 17 January 2010

Worked it last

Driving in Dubai is like walking in Rome. Toss out the map and follow your nose, let your intuition take you to where you have to go. Yep, didn't get lost today. Went straight to all the places I needed to including home by relaxing and using common sense. It helped that I'm reading a book a the moment called Gut Feelings by Gerd Gigerenzer. It's a good read, the Sunday Times comment that it was "fascinating and provocative.........Gut Feeling may well be the recipe for a simpler, less stressful life" really appealed to me.

It's Saturday evening, where did the weekend go. I've caught up on housework and work work and managed to get my Toyota serviced as well as going to Dubai. Roll on next weekend, my last here for a couple of weeks. An early night's in order, to relax and enjoy my new book.


teamcoultonoe said...

So pleased you are back posting your blog again! I miss your regular updates - the sand dune photos are amazing.
Enjoy your 2 weeks home - we are crazy busy getting ready for the big move - so many forms to fill in - I think I want my old job back!! Next time you fly home through Brisbane - come and stay by the beach! Lyn x

Jule's Short Story said...

Thanks! Great to have the right head space back again, my mojo's back :)
That's so exciting my friend, a new start. I will definitely come and stay sometime soon. Lets catch up when I'm home.
Take care. xxx