Wednesday, 20 January 2010

An evening in

There's something special about this place, something that means people stay in touch with each other. Take tonight. I was at a course late and when I got home Debbie was here along with Cora who helps me with my housework issues once a fortnight and Lesley. They were well underway with whatever I had left in the cupboard, we had to go out for supplies.

Rita also needed supplies and called in to pick them up on the way home from the pool. She stayed for one, Lesley brought a in pot of yummy vege soup, we made garlic bread. Presto, a girls night in. We moaned about the things we normally moan about, had a laugh about other things and generally enjoyed each others company.

I was keen to go out, the others piked. There's been so much sickness here lately. I had a bad cold, the others have had the flu, bronchitis and very bad coughs. Seems like my late nights and hard living have kept me immune. "Yeah right" as the Tui ad would say, as if. Right now I'm doing my best to keep well so I can enjoy every minute of my trip home. Only 9 more sleeps, looking forward to it.

The photo's one I took in Antwerp in the sculpture park. I was looking through my photos and this one took my eye so I thought I'd add it here.


Peter said...

Somehow it's slightly amazing seeing this shot taken in Middelheim sculpture park appearing between all your exotic shots.

I live in Antwerp, Belgium, and once I saw this sculpture virtually daily from the top of a building in Wilrijk-Berchem, adjacent to the park.

Enjoy your trip home to NZ and if one day you meet Di again, do say hello from Peter in Antwerp.

Jule's Short Story said...

Lol, yes. I had such a good time in Antwerp and especially loved Middelheim. A wonderful place to photograph and one I hope to return to sometime.

The desert is so special. It has a life of it's own, one only noticed when you sit quietly on the top of a high sand dune!

Will add some NZ photos, ones of my new grandchild, the beach and sunshine I'm hoping.