Friday, 6 November 2009

TGI Thursday

It's not often I have to put my reds in the fridge, tonight is one of those times. The cupboard where I keep my supplies is a little warm at the moment, yes there is such a thing as a too warm red. I've seen Sue microwave one to warm it a little on a cold Wellington day, I've seen Madeline drop an ice cube in hers on a warm Al Ain evening, I've sat mine in warm water to take the chill off the bottle. Tonight a very nice one French one is sitting in the fridge to cool a little so I can have another glass.

It's Thursday night here, the last day of work and the afternoon we have a gathering at the Rotana after work. Tonight's gathering was impressive, the best for a while. The after work wind down is especially important at the moment with the shifting carpet on which we are working. Change is afoot, rumors abound, the stress and tensions palpable at times. We are awaiting the dates for Eid and the National Day holiday, some are telling us one thing some another. Officially nothing as yet.

I plan to go to Egypt and Kerela in Southern India, two lots of 4 days break with two days work between. I'm hoping I can book the tickets soon, so keen to see a bit more of this part of the world. When I was in Qatar, my driver Feros came from Kerela. He sold his home place to me, sharing his stories of this green and beautiful part of India. It sounds like a wonderful place, definitely the first choice for a visit to India.

This weekend the plan is 10 pin bowling, a work outing in Abu Dhabi and maybe a night out, we shall see. Other than that, a quiet one catching up after a tough week.

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