Sunday, 15 November 2009

A quiet weekend

A quiet but very good weekend. I feel like my batteries have been recharged, sleep caught up on and work demands answered, for now anyway. I feel relaxed as I sit here eating the remains of the pizza from Thursday night reheated, enjoying a cold one and reflecting on the weekend.

The planning has begun for my next trip. The holidays have yet to be called but I'm hoping that Eid Hada and the National Day holidays will be set from 26 November to 6 December. They are only a couple of days apart, the schools are closed, we're just awaiting confirmation that the company is going to include these two days in our statutory holiday allocation.

Sue's had her dates confirmed so is off to one of my favourite places, Turkey. She has the full week so will get to visit Capadocia as well as spending some time in Istanbul. Our trip to Kerela is on hold, I'm heading to Kathmandu with a group of others. Flights permitting of course and we can't confirm these as yet. Some of us want to head to Agra, Jaipur and Delhi for a few days after Kathmandu. It's an easy flight, a round trip from Sharjah to Kathmandu to Delhi to Sharjah. If we have to work the days between it's not so easy.

What I'm most looking forward to is being able to trek in the lower Himalayas and hopefully fly over Mt Everest, a pilgrimage of sorts for New Zealanders. I'll get to photograph this amazing place. I've tried to buy some tramping boots today with no joy, the mens ones start from size 40, way too big for me and there doesn't seem to be women's ones available. I'll also hoping to get to see the Taj Mahal up close and visit a part of India so steeped in history. All is dependent on the holiday dates, I hope to get these as soon as possible so I can book my flights and accommodation.

The photo is another from Thursday nights outing to the camel track. Can't wait until the racing season starts, we'll be there.

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