Sunday, 29 November 2009


It's taken me a while to get to the Internet point alongside our hotel, I've been too busy out and about, there's so much to see here. One of the good things about going with a group, there are seven of us on this trip, is that things are easy to organise and cheaper when split. We have done some serious sightseeing including flying past Everest in a small plane; driving over some exciting roads to get to Bhaktapur via another amazing temple higher in the foothills of the Kathmandu Valley; walking around the Bouda Temple, clockwise of course; shopping, haggling for goods in the narrow streets of Kathmandu; riding in a rickshaw up to the base of the Swaymbhunath Stupa or the Monkey Temple; climbing the 365 steps to the top and enjoying an amazing view of the city and beyond.

Of course I have photos, I'll be able to add some when I'm home on Thursday after sleeping for a while. Today I'm off trekking, just Clair and I left so we decided on a day out including a three plus hour climb to a monastry high in the foothills. Tomorrow we both go to the airport, Clair to fly home and I'm flying to Pokara, the trekking mecca according to all I read. It will be good to get out of the city again and closer to the mountians. I'm hoping to meet some other friends there but if not, join a couple of day treks. Got to get the most out of my new walking shoes.

I'm so enjoy this adventure, the people are amazing. Very friendly and accommodating. I do see the tourist footprint stamped heavily within the city and lighter out in the countryside, that's progress I suppose. TTFN from chilly Kathmandu.

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