Friday, 13 November 2009

A different Thursday evening

Fridays are quiet days. Thursday evenings not often that quiet. Yesterday afternoon, after a meal and drinks at the Rotana, I took some friends out to one of my favourite places in Al Ain. I must have hundreds of photos of the camel track, some as the sun sets, some in the late afternoon light. The light is perfect out there late in the afternoon.

Kate and I were supposed to be going out to the track, Anne heard us talking about it so she joined our expedition. Eddie, Elaine and Salima had never been so also decided to join us. We went out in convoy, adding to the experience. As always there was plenty of action and one thing I'd never seen before, a group of camels free grazing. There was a herder sitting on the sand dunes watching. The single camel in the shot above was staring into the distance, looking towards the camels training on the track.

Kate was brave, stood on the track with a group of camels coming fast towards her to get the perfect shot. I stood to one side, not so perfect. The last one is of the sun sinking into the desert dunes, a sun on fire. I'm always amazed how quickly the sun sets here. There is no twilight, the door slams shut on the day. A very satisfying day on so many levels, pizza and a nice red with a friend later in the evening finishing off a good day in style.

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