Wednesday, 4 November 2009

Desert driving

There are some outings where I really struggle to chose photos to share here. There are too many that capture the people and the place, too much choice. The photos from this weekends desert outing are no exception. I got to drive my new, less than 2000ks, Toyota off road. What a blast! I'm still smiling.

We headed out into the wilds of Oman, past the moonwalk place into some rocky and sandy terrain. It all went well for a start, I can do this I thought to myself quietly. We drove in convoy, then we stopped and I got a few instructions from the experts. Worrying instructions. No turning back now, no turning at all so I was a little stuck. Nowhere near as stuck as I became later on.

It was the first time I'd had my truck in 4wd, the first time I'd driven in 4wd since the '90s when I had a similar Toyota. Driving in the sand is something quite different to driving off road in NZ. You can sink in sand, quickly, and get stuck. The trick, I learned when I did sink, is not to let up on the acceleration, pedal to the floor and hang on until back on firmer ground. Trying not to over correct was a challenge and made for some interesting tracks behind me.

The photo with Walter watching is my third and successful attempt at that slope, the first one I got stuck on. It was a little embarrassing having all those who got up first time cheering me on. I really enjoyed the challenge, began to learn a new skill and most of all enjoying the company of the people in the ENHG. I know the hard work that goes in to making sure the trips are successful, thanks to all that made this one such a blast.

The other photos are of the convoy, me heading into the distance and the beauty of the desert in the late afternoon light. Thanks for taking the ones of me driving Roberta, much appreciated. There is a vid, might leave that until later.

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