Sunday, 8 November 2009

Anyone for a 3 day weekend?

I've found a new pastime. Another new pastime, one I can do indoors when it's too hot outdoors. 10 pin bowling is fun, I've only ever watched it on TV shows so didn't know how it all worked. Luckily I had a couple of experts on my team, experts who groaned inwardly when I shared that I'd never played before.

It seems that so long as you stay upright (I failed this one) can keep the glasses on your face (not too successful there either) and make a big heavy ball roll down an oiled alley with enough force to knock over some pins (yep, managed that one OK some of the time) then you can bowl. And it's fun. I suspect it was especially fun because we were in teams from work competing against each other. The lanes are slippery, I found that out the hard way. I did manage one strike, several where the pins all fall on the second ball and a top score in one game of 95. Apparently that's a good first effort. We've talked about doing it on a regular basis, I'm keen.

Rau and Diedre dragged me to the mall shopping after. They didn't have to drag me too hard, I needed shoes and knew this mall had my shop in it. The mall was packed with families, the car park interesting to negotiate and finding food a priority. Fudruckers to the rescue. I can see Keri and Lyn laughing at this, we had fun with the place in Qatar. Try saying Fudruckers ten times, fast........

I got shoes, two pairs, one for dancing and one for work. Yes, I can justify both. I had to throw out my former dancing shoes last weekend, heel issues from overuse. We also managed some clothes, Ikea (shudder), a juice to placate me after Ikea, a traffic jam and ending up at the airport by mistake, twice. I missed the tricky slip road with no sign in the dark, one way the airport the other Al Ain. It was a late night so feeling ready for bed and a good book now. Weekends are too short, I missed all the ENHG outings this one. Will have to catch up on that next weekend.

I took the photo on the way home, when I wasn't lost. It's the back of the Sheikh Zayed Bin Sultan Al Nahyan Mosque and we came on it quite by surprise after leaving the bowling place. I put on the hazards and stopped in the lane to get the shot, Rau got some excellent ones too. I'll have to seek permission to use the bowling ones so will add one later if I can.

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