Saturday, 31 October 2009

Moon walking in Oman

Nope not the Michael Jackson kind, a real walking by the light of the moon moon walk. Up hills and into wadis, down scree slopes sharp with chert. My shoes took a battering, my knees hit the rocks once. But it was fun, an awesome achievement to get to the top of the hill in semi darkness, an even more awesome achievement to get back down.

The familiar terrain takes on a whole new perspective by moonlight. The hills seem bigger, the tracks rougher, the perspective of distance altered. It all adds to the challenge. I really enjoy the company of the natural history group. The company is most often different each time but I never worry about going by myself.

Others are friendly and welcoming, all having an enjoyment of the outdoors in common. Tonight there were Australians, one originally from Croatia, Texans, a keen hiker from Colorado, English and others I didn't get to talk to. We chatted as we shared this wonderful experience, a tough walk that took around 3 hours. I suspect I might be a little sorer in the morning than I am now, even after having a lovely hot bath.


Anonymous said...

you are lucky to have such an active group in Al Ain - in Muscat it really is the opposite

Jule's Short Story said...

Yes they are active with a core of people who do all the hard work organising a good variety of trips.

I attend what I can, this weekend I was able to do two trips. Will add photos and an entry about the sand driving tonight, it was a blast.

Thanks for sharing your blog with me.