Friday, 16 October 2009

It's Friday, at last

And I've got a horrible head cold. That'll teach me for working too hard. It's been a week, one I'll never get back. The weather here is changing, much cooler in the evening and mornings. It's very pleasant but means the bugs are out and about. This is a big weekend socially, not a good one to feel like I do.

Last night was Mary-Anne's birthday and Shona's farewell party. Sharon hosted and we had a great time; a BBQ, a few drinks, music and conversation. Perfect for a Thursday. BBQ season is on us and as in any place, the men cook and the women chat and do the salads. As it gets cooler camping is on the agenda as well. Now I've got a 4wd, I'll be able to reach those far away camping spots, I can't wait.

Tonight is Kate's birthday and Mike's band launch, a cocktail party with live music. I've got sangria to make and a dress to buy, oh and of course shoes to go with it adding to my ever growing collection. I found the dress earlier in the week, today I need to go and pick it up.

You see, the dress had two prices. One was half the other. The conversation went like this:

"660dhs," said the man in the shop.

"Oh, it says 330 on the tag," say I.

"No madam, it is 660 today 330 in the sale."

"Mmmm so when does the sale start?"

"I'm not allowed to say madam," said the man.

"Ok, so if I put the dress aside while I look for matching shoes, when should I pick it up?" I ask carefully.

"Oh madam I could put it aside, pick up at 11am on Friday," he says with a big smile, crisis averted.

So it remains to be seen if a) the dress is still there waiting for me, and b) if it's 330 or 660 dhs. It's a lovely dress, one necessary for a cocktail party, especially as my other dress is a little tight at the moment. I think I need more gym time, Rau agrees. That's our goal for next week, can't be having to buy a new dress every week. Mind you if that means I get to buy shoes......

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