Thursday, 8 October 2009

It's evolution baby......not

I knew it was only a matter of time before the truth came out. I smiled as I read the article, peered at the pictures and smiled. In the Gulf News on Saturday 3 October 2009 (Shawwal 14, 1430 if you are Muslim) there was a front page article about a fossil that has "shed new light on (the) evolution of humans". The next line is the one that I smiled at:

"Early ancestors looked nothing like chimps or other large primates."

Apparently scientists have found 4.4 million year old fossils in the Ethiopian desert, including a near complete human skeleton that bears no resemblance to primates. The article continues to outline how the skeleton was four foot tall, walked on two feet and lived in groups where males cooperated rather than fought.

I've never quite subscribed to Darwin's theory of evolution. While there are some aspects of it that are logical, the evolution of man from primates didn't ring true to me. My thoughts on this are very simplistic. I can hear any scientists who may read this groan and shake their heads in disbelief. What I want to know is how an evolutionary process can have the species that another had evolved from living in the same time as the species that evolved. Now that doesn't seem logical to me.

I await further stories from Ethiopia, who knows I might get to visit there soon. One of the cleaners at my work is from there, as are some of our taxi drivers. They all tell me how beautiful their country is. Besides, it's on my list. The article can be read in the Gulf News online although it's not the full one and doesn't have the pictures, sorry about that.


Peter said...

So if you never quite subscribed to Darwin's theory of evolution,
you're a creationist?

Jule's Short Story said...

Hi Peter.
No not at all, I've just puzzled with the idea of one species descending from another with the other still existing. The evidence form Ethiopia seems to have opened up this discussion. What I've written is overly simplistic of course. I'll be interested in what else they find.
I am really interested in our natural history, geology and mans impact on the earth, this is just part of that interest.