Saturday, 24 October 2009 Toyota

A photo for those who have asked. My Fortuna has done about 1200kms already, a little overdue for it's first service. It's really good to have a safe vehicle, one I can take most places I want to go. The windows are tinted, like the locals have them, so I get some road respect. Well, that is until others look closely and see a skinny white girl at the wheel. I've caused some looks of disbelief, laughter even, with the more local drivers. I got a speed camera ticket last weekend, my first I think. I was only a little over in the town 60kph area. I suspect the police have reset the camera tolerances as they push to reduce the horrific road toll.

I find it a little ironic that there has been such a push here for protection against H1N1 flu when kids ride around in cars without seat belts, faces pressed to the front windscreen or sitting on an adults knee. The money spent on this campaign could go a long way towards educating families on the importance of seat belts and car seats for children. Families love their children, they are raised by the whole family, yet this simple safety measure is not used.

All in all though, there are many good things about living here. We were talking last night about how peaceful Al Ain is, how friendly everyone is. People say hello, take the Emirati man who was wondering why I was looking up into a tree last night. I could hear the bats flapping about, I wanted to catch a photo of them. He laughed at (with?) me and we had a talk about how I was finding living and working in his country and where I come from. A gracious gentleman, a gracious people.

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