Saturday, 24 October 2009


I really appreciate the thoughtfulness and kindness of friends. The friend that calls on a Friday morning just to check you're OK; the friend that drives from way out in the desert, brushes off the sand and puts her dancing shoes on; the friend that brings hot soup when you're sick; the friend that reassures you everything is fine when you have one of those days; the friend that helps you to complete a seemingly impossible task at work; the friend that makes you laugh when you're in need of a good one; the friend that loans you a whole series of Boston Legal; the friend who takes you out when you're getting cabin fever; the friend who sends something special by email; the friend who opens her home to you when you need some family time.

There are many people who play these roles in our lives, different people at different times as well as those friends who are always there for us. One said to me once that people come into our lives for a reason, a season or a life time, that seems to be true. Some come and go, some come back, some are only ever a call or email away.

This weekend has been a social one. We had a good night out on Thursday, Sue was in from Madinet Zayed, out in the Empty Quarter, a girl needs a night out after living there for a while. She headed back this morning and my house seems empty. I've been neglecting the gym lately so the plan for the rest of the afternoon is to finish the work I'm procrastinating on, get some exercise and a swim. It's the first time in a couple of weeks I've felt up to exercise and swimming, a good sign the bug that's been haunting me has run it's course.

We went out to the camel track to watch the sunset last night, the photos are of the sunset and Sue and Mary-Anne my weekend companions, my close friends.

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