Wednesday, 21 October 2009

An evening walk

It was lovely out tonight. The breeze from the hills of Oman promised moisture, the clear sky with stars twinkling made the promise of rain a passing thought. I walked to the post office through Al Jahli park, posted some papers back to NZ and then walked home. Good relaxing exercise.

The evenings at the moment are lovely, cooler with a soft breeze. Walking through the park is a treat. Families come out in the early evening to sit on the grass, to picnic and to play with their kids. Dads and sons kicking a ball around, mums on the grass chatting while watching the little ones on the playground equipment.

It's a very relaxing and peaceful scene although men well outnumber women and families. Men sit in small groups, talking , laughing and horsing about. Women in abayia and sports clothes walk together around the paths, exercising, talking, laughing. There are security guards scattered around the park, it must be the easiest job.

For the first time in my life I can say I'm looking forward to winter, I'm a summer person and usually suffer through the cold winters in NZ. This year I'll be enjoying a more temperate climate. I'll still be able to swim and relax by the pool, I'll still be able to wear summer clothes, albeit perhaps adding a layer or two.

Having Tuesday as hump day has it's bonuses. Tomorrow I'm off to Abu Dhabi for work, the next I'm here in Al Ain and then it's the weekend. I intend to have a quieter weekend than the last, one where I get far more relaxation and sleeping in time.

PS Thanks Annie for the article on Tim from The Press. I'm not sure how to add it here but I was a really proud mum to see my son so well portrayed in the local paper. A whole page with photos and an interview about his mountain biking career. Fantastic, made my day!

PPS My other plan for the weekend is to catch up on my outstanding emails. Sorry it's been a bit like that lately, no time to sit and write, no head space. So if I owe you a mail, expect something soon.

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