Wednesday, 14 October 2009

Dragon Boating

We went to the Dragon Boat Festival on Friday, a fun event in Abu Dhabi. My work had a team entered. Over Eid we lost one of our colleagues in an accident in Germany, a terrible loss for his family and friends. The team was named in his honor and marked his passing in style by coming second and third in their two races.

The day was hot and sticky as Abu Dhabi days can be, not ideal for taking photos as my lens kept fogging up and I've lost my light shield. It's somewhere in my nightmare of a spare room I suspect. We didn't make the after party, Sue and I joined others for a quiet evening at the jazz bar instead. The music there is amazing, we enjoyed a few quiets then home to the hotel.

I like Adu Dhabi. I can generally find my way around, well at least to the places I like to go. There's good live music to be found and the shopping is OK too. This weekend the Corniche was shut so it could be fixed up for the big race in two weekends time. This meant a main route was not available, there was traffic everywhere with some interesting driving behavior.

I made it home safely thanks to the CDs Di and Gert put together for me. I love new music, especially eclectic compilations. These don't disappoint, thanks guys. The photos are of our team in at the end, note the looks of relief, the next race lined up and the backdrop.

Note the team in black, yes a NZ team. Belinda was in this team and they won this race so went on to the finals the next day. For such a small country we were well represented in the teams racing on the day, as we are in most sports.

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