Thursday, 10 September 2009


One of our male colleagues told Hana and I something he shouldn't have earlier in the week. Another confirmed that this was true and gave an example. Hana and I believed them, mostly because we wanted it to be true. The truth is, apparently and until it's proven not to be, that the speed cameras on the Al Ain - Abu Dhabi road in the 120kph zones are set at 160kph. In the 100 zone they are set at 120, there's actually a sign that says this.

Our two colleagues have obeyed these limits for some time with only one ticket for 161kph. Certainly on the trip home where we learnt this important information, we traveled at around 150 most of the way, safely in a flash 4wd with no flashing cameras. Hana and I checked. Hana and I both are bad at mornings, we both have small cars and have been both commuting to AD for the past fortnight. The lads laughed when we told them we got our small cars up to 160 on one of the trips, running late of course and between the cameras.

Today as I traveled confidently along at 140 I was passed by a police car who was tailgating a Merc who was racing a Prado. All good really as they sped past and ignored the small Yaris flying inside them. The police seem to ignore the speeding cars but I did see some busy with a BMW that had kissed the armco and didn't survive the contact. I just hope the driver did.

The travel is over for the week. A few of us stayed at the Al Raha Hotel last night, a girls gathering. It's a flash place, 5 star luxury set in a building site. At least it was quiet inside. I'm feeling a little jaded now after a late and social night. Think I might need an early one tonight. The photo is of the pool as the sun set. There are others, might need permission to use them.

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