Tuesday, 29 September 2009

New wheels

I got to ride in a taxi back from yoga after walking there in the subtle but sweaty dusk heat. The taxi driver and I went via Toyota. I've been trying to organise my new car for weeks now, something always gets in the way. I'm not sure if that's a sign or just sent to try me. I've now got the bank papers, all I need to do is catch Toyota open so I can get them to register it and wave as I drive away.

It's my first new car, an impressive Toyota Fortuna 4wd. The first car purchase where I've had to go through the process on my own instead of leaving it to the man of the house. I know when I get it will be awesome. I'll be able to go off road, I'm even getting some lessons on desert driving. There will be photos, promise.

I was talking to Sarah, a fellow foodie, about my time in Belgium and my favorite flavor. In Italy it was the cherry galato, in Qatar it was raspberry sorbet, in NZ it was pineapple lumps and in Belgium it was Kriek beer. Cherry beer, yum! Unfortunately, or possibly fortunately, I sampled it on my last day and we were on the bikes so I had to make do with one bottle. I took the photo so I could convince our local supplier to buy some in for me, otherwise I'll just have to visit Di again.

Sarah also drank Kriek when she lived in Belgium. Her excuse was it was the only beer she could pronounce easily, I suspect she actually liked it too. I'm missing the lovely company I had in Belgium, being part of a family again with all those family things like plenty of cooking and dishes. I particularly miss Sahara. I was reminded about her today on the long walk to yoga. I'm sure the men out front were wondering what the mad western woman was doing smiling in their direction. The cause was a sign, Lulu Sahara over a small dairy.

The plan for the weekend is to do some driving, might go to see Sue in Liwa. Liwa is just east of the middle of nowhere and Sue has not long moved there fro work. I have chocolate for her from Belgium, yes I love that too and the pastries for breakfast.......yum yum yum. Tomorrow is another work day, a day of planning and meetings. By the end of the day I'll have my new wheels, Inshallah.

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