Monday, 21 September 2009

Middelheim Sculpture Park

Di and I rode to the Middelheim Sculpture Park along the cycle lanes in the warm afternoon. There were bikes out everywhere, I had to remember to keep out of the way as others came through faster than these ambling women. The park is amazing, treasures scattered through the trees, tree lined lanes, sculptures of the serene, surreal and bizarre. I took heaps of photos and really want to add more, but for now, here are a selection.

Tomorrow I head to Dubai via Amsterdam. Rau and Sarah are meeting me and we're staying the night before heading back to Al Ain, via a shopping mall or several knowing my companions. Eid is over and I'm back at work on Wednesday. Part of me can't wait, there's heaps to be caught up on. Part of me will miss the family who have so generously included me in their lives through this tough time. Thanks Di, Gert, Jess and Sahara. Thanks Marco for the loan of your bed. I've really enjoyed spending time with you and appreciated your support. As you know, there's always a bed at my place.


Di Mackey said...

Looking forward to reading of your trip home. It was a pleasure to have you here, missed you this morning when I had to clean up after breakfast on my own ;)

Take care, lovely cousin.

Jule's Short Story said...

Lol, I came home to dishes, must have forgotten to do them before I left!
Thanks for having me, much appreciated cuz :)