Saturday, 26 September 2009


Fridays are days when I spend the morning talking to family then go out and about in the afternoon, this afternoon to the Rotana gym and pool with Sarah. We had a quiet workout, it wasn't that many hours since I'd left the Rotana after Thursday drinks. Nina, Mary-Anne and I made a night of it, fun with excellent company.

I've missed lazing by the pool. It was nice to chill in the water and bake in the sun, very relaxing. Anne and I were doing the Natural History Group tramp, we both piked out. It was going to be a mission, a long hard walk in the heat and I certainly wasn't up to that. Anne agreed.

I still don't have my internet sorted and I'm trying to upload a couple of photos, may take some time. The photos are of a previous trip to the desert, the sun setting through the branches of one of the sparse desert trees. Jess helped me improve the clarity of the original. The other is of my traveling companions, Jess and Sahara, in Brugges.

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