Sunday, 20 September 2009

Bruges Part I

Annie told me she loved Bruges, that it was a fantastic place to visit. She was so right. I enjoyed the black comedy In Bruges so was looking forward to climbing the tower shown in the movie and in the photo above. Jess and Sahara, today's traveling companions, and I queued for a while then decided to come back, to brave the 366 stairs to the top after lunch. Sahara's only five so it seemed like a much better plan.

We got wandering, saw some sights, took heaps of photos, dodged horses and their carriages, bikes and cars and then craved a little ice cream. By that time the tower was closed, a visit for next time maybe. Will write and add more photos later. I'm feeling a bit jaded, five year olds have heaps of energy. I suspect this one's worn me out.

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