Wednesday, 8 October 2008


I sorted through the best of my Europe photos and got them printed. It was lovely actually going to the photo shop, just like we did in the old days, to pick up the several envelopes full. Even though I had worked on the photos on the computer and viewed them many times, it was great to look through them printed and tangible. 

I took them back to work and showed others, one was keen to look through all of them and talk about when she went to those places. The photographer amongst us, semi professional these days, can't wait to pore over them with me when we have five together. I bought an album on the weekend so tonight it was graced by the photos. 

Next job is to print a selection of the Qatar ones. The Qatar team are getting together this weekend, Lyn arrives on Friday so it should be a very social weekend. Her blog is looking great. Check it out. 

The photo I have added is of some lions on guard. I was amazed at how many lions there were represented in the architecture and statues around Italy and France. But then they were employed by the Romans, so it stands to reason they might be immortalized. These lions are in France, Arles I think. 

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Anonymous said...

Lovin the pics - and looking forward to the Qatar ones