Thursday, 25 September 2008


It arrived today, the much awaited new computer. I have been limping along with a computer not much better than the one that crashed so when our computer people arrived with a brand new one for me I was very excited. It's a newer version of my old one, much faster and with new software. I had a play today, loaded a new background and added my own shortcut keys. The new background is a photo of an amazing sunset from our building in Al Hitme. It's on Flickr so check it out there. Suffice to say when I start my computer, I sigh and remember that wonderful roof top and the friends I communed with there. It's so good knowing that my work is safe, between the new computer and the computer synchronising when I dock.

At the moment I am listening to the Once soundtrack from the website. I am down loading a couple of my favorite movies. Along with Once, Breakfast on Pluto is one of those. Cillian Murphy is an amazing actor and I enjoy most of his movies. I can't say I enjoyed the Wind that Shakes the Barley, far too traumatic for me. He has a new one out, the story of Dylan Thomas so can't wait to see that one. I am a go to the movies movie watcher, nothing better than the big screen for the first time viewing. 

Last night I sorted out some of my Europe photos. I ended up getting through only those I took in Rome by the time I edited them. I like iPhoto. It's easy to use and having a big screen on my computer allows me to see the big picture as it were. I am going to print some to frame for my walls and for gifts.  Looking at the photos made my feet itch. 

I have added three I have chosen to this entry. I liked the light in all of them, one taken in the early morning streets while searching for coffee and the others in the afternoon at Castel Sant' Angelo. Enjoy. 

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