Sunday, 14 September 2008

Some friends photos

These two are from Lyn's camera and I found them on a memory stick when I was looking for something else. One is on our 4wd trip by the Saudi Border and the other in one of our local restaurants. I am in between Lyn and Kerry, a standing joke when Kerry arrived as Lyn and I had shared so many things, washing machine, cooker, microwave. Poor Kerry was on the back foot from day one with six women to look after. I tried to impress a friend with a meal in these flash surroundings but I had picked a closed day, all that way in heels only to have to walk to one nearer home. 

Kelly is on Skype. She's back in Doha, in a better standard of accommodation and looking forward to Eid break. She's off to Jordan and Palestine for Eid, sigh. She did say I could come and stay...... Kelly's the one in the back pants in the first photo.


teamcoultonoe said...

I'll try again to leave a comment as the last time it didn't save! I was admiring the wine glasses on the table - shame we could only drink water from them!
I didn't do the word verification so maybe that is why my comment didn't save yesterday!
Still read your blog every few days - mine needs a boost - plan to work on it later! Lyn

Jule's Euro-Arabic Short Story said...

It worked this time! Yes, cool glasses. We did feel flash drinking water from them did't we. Thanks for letting me use the photo:) Will call re your blog. I have worked out how to do more.