Thursday, 11 September 2008


In Qatar Helen had scales, the type you weigh yourself on, electronic scales. We lined up for weigh ins like an episode of the Biggest Loser. I came home to woeful scales, a set that someone who had lived with us had left behind, on purpose to frustrate me I suspect. I had scales envy but I pulled myself up, got over it and made do as good Kiwi lasses tend to do.

When I say woeful scales, I should explain in their defence that it wasn't that they weighed heavy or weren't aesthetically pleasing. It was more that I couldn't read them without my glasses on or contorting myself to a much lower place. Even then, I couldn't really distinguish the calibrations, them not being electronic and all. On Helen's scales I could read the big numbers standing upright, much more dignified. 

Last weekend I decided to buy a new set. I had had an unfortunate incident with the old set, banged my head on the bath as I tried to read the numbers. OK, so I should take my glasses to the bathroom. I tend not to as I can see a much better image of myself in the mirror without them. 

Off I went to Briscoes, always a sale there after all. All I wanted were a set of ordinary scales, electronic ones I could read the numbers on. I tried out several and settled on a simple set. Then others noticed the sale stand. I am not the best shopper, get me confused with choice and I tend to leave without buying. Sigh, no scales this trip.

It was Fathers Day so we met Tim and Sarah, had lunch and a discussion on the merits of the various scales available over cream buns. The two blokes decided that I needed the on sale ones, the ones that had muscle mass, water content and were able to have a small army of people individually programmed into it's memory. OTT I said but they were the same price, give or take a tenner, as my simple choice. I gave in.

Don't tell the blokes, but I am having fun on my new scales. Not only can I weigh myself and read the numbers, after all the object of the exercise, but I can also see my muscle mass and water content increasing and decreasing. I have no idea what the numbers actually mean but I am average for my age apparently. Thanks for that scales, just what I needed to hear. Funny, I take more notice of what fits me in my wardrobe than my weight. Right now the gym is working, my summer jeans fit well and I feel fitter than I did, all good really. 

I may need to revisit Briscoes on the weekend. I hope they have coffee machines on sale, mine is playing up again. I am mean without coffee so a new coffee machine would be a good investment. I hope there's only one or two to choose from.....

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