Friday, 19 September 2008


I had a chat to Lyn last night. She lives in New Plymouth and is coming down soon for our inaugural Qatar reunion. I'm so excited, can't wait to feel as one with this special group of people again! I got to reflecting after our talk, reflecting on my life and about my blog. She said that I made my everyday life sound interesting in my blog. I have been enjoying reading hers too and checking out her new Flickr photos. 

I think my life is far from interesting. I read the blogs of others and long to travel, that's in my future I know. I am making decisions about my future and how those in my life at the moment fit into that future. I suppose it does make life interesting, that and the people I am coming into contact with. Old friends I haven't seen for too long and new ones I would love to catch up with again soon. 
Keri and I are going out tonight which will be fun. Rau and I have plans next weekend, another show to wander around. The term break is a week away so I will have some breathing space to get some of my loose ends tied up at work. I will hopefully also get some down time to sort my photos and load some more onto Flickr. 
Tim took this one of me in Sydney. I had just taken a photo of the lady you can see in the photo and her partner. They were pleased as I took some close ups as well as ones of them and the view. There is also a very close up one of me, too scary to include here.

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