Thursday, 4 September 2008

MTB World Cup

It was chilly in Canberra for the race. We arrived in the race village in time to see the woman's race finish. Well done Rosara for getting third, an amazing result for a New Zealander. The track was made for spectators although as I was climbing the hill, I was on the look out for snakes. Apparently they are still asleep at this time of year, not entirely convinced. I did see a couple of kangaroos hopping across the track, only in Australia. 
Tim had an OK race. He completed 4 of the 5 laps despite having a major dose of the flu. The flu you often get when you have flown long haul in recent days. In the photo he is in a world of pain, I won't repeat the words he said at the time I took this. 
It was a great event, enjoyed by the many spectators who lined the track. Roll on the next race in Canberra, the World Champs in 2009. 

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