Sunday, 28 September 2008

Daylight saving and stuff

What are the powers that be thinking, daylight saving beginning in September! I hate day light saving, me and the poor cows who get milked an hour earlier than usual and the farmers who have to get up in the darkness to do so. Sam on the other hand loves daylight saving, means he gets fed an hour earlier, something that made his ears prick up tonight. 

Daylight saving takes an hour out of my sleep in, an hour where the sun streams through my bedroom window waking me gently. Tomorrow I have to go to work at 7am. I will have more daylight at the end of the day, apparently. It's still too cold to do much with that. I just wish  the powers that be would make it a little later in the year to start, maybe the first week in December. Then I might cope better. 

OK, so I'm not a morning person and daylight saving takes from my already scarce morning. Enough said, I've had my yearly rant. At least it shows that summer is on the way, not today though. The wind was freezing, the sun warm and I managed to catch some rays as I read a book in a nice sheltered part of the garden. Annie and the girls came home from their Europe trip yesterday so had a good catch up on their news, made my feet itch as they talked about the wonderful places they went in England and Italy. I can't wait to see their photos. 

We went out to dinner with Tim and Sarah and Terese, Sarah's mum, tonight. The Belgium beer bar was great as usual, although raspberry beer is no match for raspberry sorbet. The young man serving us was from Belgium, from a place near Meerhout where we stayed in 2004. He wondered what we were doing there, not a tourist place apparently. We were there supporting the NZ Athletics team in their bid for the Athens olympics. They were in camp and Nick was part of the team, they didn't quite manage the olympics unfortunately. 

We did have a wonderful time in Belgium, where else could I have beer with breakfast, after all. I just wish I could add photos of that trip but my camera wasn't the best and had a small accident in Pumakale in Turkey when I slipped and fell into a pond, should have been looking instead of watching really. The camera drowned, I was saved by a handsome young man. 

Walking down the street to the hotel, I was showing an Aussie girl my wet behind and telling her the story when a large Turkish man rushed out of his doorway. He told me to stop showing him my bottom. He didn't like my bottom, he told me he liked his women to have bottoms as big as a washing machine. He made mad gestures as well following us down the road, laughing, as the two of us hastily retreated, also laughing. 

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