Thursday, 11 September 2008


I am often bemused at the the counter on my blog. It shows me that people do read my writing as it increases by several hits per day. What I would like is a few more comments. I would love to hear from those who browse, hear what you think of my blog. I enjoy writing it so I hope you enjoy reading it. 
I do get some good comments from my friends and family via email. One from Di today asked about the Kokatahi Band, a West Coast institution. Although I told her I would look on You Tube, I held out little hope of finding anything. But amazingly I did, just click the link and be transported back in time..... The band members were old when I last saw them ten or so years ago so I suspected they may have disbanded altogether, how wrong I was. The clip is from the 2008 Kumara Races another Coast institution, a big day out to rival the Wild Food Festival. Any big Coast event, the Kokatahi Band are sure to show, long may they continue to do so!

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