Thursday, 29 May 2008


Di and I continued our explorations in Roma today, melting in 35C. We were setting off early but alas slept in, something to do with a noise in the night waking us. We decided after the long walks of the previous day, the blisters, sore legs and heat, that we would catch the metro to Travestere rather than walk. Its kind of a roundabout way, but a lot cooler and less energy. We had bought hats the day before, a life saver and I put mine down somewhere on the way, a bit distracted!
We took some great photos and got caught up in a film set, a real highlight as we watched cars zooming around the piazza, actors walking past in period clothing and the director organising everyone. They seemed to take some extras from the crowd, we possibly looked too touristy! We walked past a restaurant on the way and as the sign said "we are against the war and tourist menus" thought they deserved our custom. what a highlight their food was, simple and delicious and a place I will return to. I even think I can find it, amazing given my lack of success with maps here! more on that later.....if I can redeem myself enough to make it a funny story not a source of shame :(
I have learnt a few lessons today....don't lose your sunhat in 35C heat; white pants are not a good option for exploring in Roma; red wine at lunch can go straight to my head; and last but not least, listen to Diane if she wants to catch a taxi. She was right on so many levels, the walk up the hill where we are staying had the potential to kill us!
PS Found the hat, in the internet cafe, made my day!


Di Mackey said...

'Listen to Diane' ... lol, music to my ears. Let's see it.

Jule's Euro-Arabic Short Story said...

Found out that maps don't work in France at times either....could it be I've lost my touch? i can navigate the metro in Rome, Paris, Istanbul and London so all is not lost.