Thursday, 29 May 2008

Locked Out!

Our team didn't have cars so Lyn and I put out an email to all our colleagues who did, suggesting we could do with some kind people to take us on a journey around the Qatar peninsula. We got lots of laughs from others but two keen explorers, Kelly and Gay rallied around and off we went. 
As we had promised in our email, we packed a picnic lunch. It was very hot, the cheese was getting smelly and the chocolate was melting so we went in search of a suitable place to eat. Imagine our surprise to find the most wonderful park, up near the northern most town in Qatar Madinat ash Shamal, like a mirage in the heat of the day. Imagine our surprise to have unpacked our picnics from the cars only to find the gates locked. We tried to sneak through the bars in the gate, but alas none of us could fit. Nothing for it then but to lay our picnic out in the small patch of shade on the concrete in front of the gate. When you have great food, excellent company and are on an adventure, where you eat becomes irrelevant. We sat and laughed at our predicament, a fun day out!

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