Monday, 26 December 2016

Oh no!

I can't believe I've not written since August! That's quite a few months with no comment on my life as it is, the places I've been and the people I've met. And believe me there's plenty of all those things happening at the moment, perhaps why there's been so little writing.

My new business is being quietly successful. No dipping into my savings to live so that's a huge bonus. Getting to work in a variety of workplaces supporting others to be the best they can be is my highlight. Coaching others to draw on their own resources and skills while adding value to these through readings and conversations. Always communication, the delight and the downfall.

Life revolves around communications. Open, honest communication. Respectful communication. Meeting of minds communication where one concept follows another. Where words of love and respect are spoken. Never wondering, just knowing that it's okay. This is my theme as 2016 draws to a close. All the practice I've had over the years culminating in strength I was unaware of.

Back to the going places. I wished to travel this year and it happened. Not to Vietnam or Cambodia as I had envisaged. An unexpected and sudden trip to Myanmar, formally Burma, to meet with a new travel companion. A compatible traveling companion who explored organically, trekked into the hills, ate locally and discovered temples.  Lots of temples. And met with lovely people along the way like the two Scottish lasses we managed to have a big night with in Bagan, the rain thundering down and Myanmar beer and travel stories.

What an adventure. The highlight was Inay Lake with it's fisherman and villages over the water. Bagan was interesting, we were a little templed out by the end of the day although the guided horse and carriage ride was fantastic. Bumping along the rough roads and wandering off to explore. We were both tired after the trek so leisure was needed.

Mandalay, oh the romance of the Road to Mandalay, was much like other cities. The locals enjoyed us two with an ear bud each listening to the rugby on our phone, beer in hand and cheers for the winning team. My team of course. The palace there was amazing, the temple on the hill and its dragonflies and the sunsets a photographers dream.

It's been a while since we came back, the beginning of November, and so much has happened since then. That's another story for another day. For now, here's some pics from our wonderful trip.

Water lilies - Mandalay

Amazing sunsets over the river - Mandalay

Skilled fisherman - Inlay Lake

Astounding pagodas, new and old - Inlay Lake. The sounds of the bells tinkling in the wind

Sunset catch - Inlay Lake

Drying leaves for Cheroots - Hills of Inlay Lake

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