Sunday, 21 August 2016

Wild life

I've had a few wildlife experiences lately. I got dive on the Great Barrier Reef when working up in Cairns, my first ever proper dive and oh what an amazing experience that was. Finding Nemo; watching the turtles dance; the bright coloured corals and the silky sea. I will go again, I've promised myself that Padi course for a while now. 

My home in Cairns came with two dogs. It's been a while since I walked dogs and they were patient with me. One took a fancy to my handbag goodies and disappeared with several coffee bags and lunch treats before I realised who the culprit was. She gave me those puppy dog eyes, too hard not to forgive. 

Kathryn decided feeding the birds on my balcony was a good idea. They flocked in for days and still come and tap on my window when they see me inside. These brightly coloured characters. 

Rosellas enjoying Kathryn


Sandy Millar said...

You do that PADI course, Julie!

Jule's Short Story said...

Sure will Sandy! I need the water to be warmer so may have to the tropics :)